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Proofreading, copy‑editing and indexing services

Precisely Services

Trading as Precisely since 2000, Susan Forsyth offers a comprehensive range of pre‑publication services. All enquiries welcome.

Copy‑editing includes editing for sense, checking for consistency, presentation of the material, choice of words, sentence structure, spelling, punctuation, use of quotations, referencing systems, correct use of spacing, use of abbreviations – and much more.

Proofreading involves reviewing the typeset text to ensure that all material is properly presented, errors have been corrected and no further errors have been introduced during setting. Sometimes proofreading is undertaken alongside the corrected manuscript or previous proofs.

Indexing demands close reading of the entire text and the construction of an alphabetical list of important subjects including people, places, publications and theories, using headings, subheadings, cross‑references and double entries, in order that readers can find topics in the text.

Camera‑ready copy requires setting of page dimensions, arrangement of page layouts, creation of contents page and listing of illustrations, formatting of headings, organisation of text, placement of illustrations and charts within the text and, finally, the production of a Portable Document Format (pdf) file from which the publisher will produce the printed text.

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